Our East and West Campus locations in Federal Way are perfect for the life-style of your employees and customers.

They are located very close to restaurants, services, shopping and other amenities. Below are east and west location and amenities maps, centered around the campuses, showing area amenities within a half mile.


West Campus


The Centre building in West Campus is the ideal place to locate your company in Federal Way.

Conveniently situated just off I-5, and within walking distance to countless restaurants and retail amenities, The Centre offers the best of both worlds for employees and clients alike.


West Campus Location Map


West Campus Amenities Overview Map


East Campus


The Sanctuary buildings are located in the East Campus area on Weyerhaeuser Way.

The buildings are surrounded by a natural park like campus with walking trails, lakes, and both Bonsai and Rhododendron gardens.


East Campus Location Map


East Campus Amenities Overview Map